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Enjoy the benifits that will be extended to the Woodworking Masterclass online Members.

Membership can be for Individuals or Organisations such a Woodworking Clubs, Mens' Sheds or Social Clubs.
As well as keeping up with what is proposed for future videos you will have the opportunity to enter prize draws we frequently run.

Memebers will have access to current Materials, Videos, Plans, Projects. 

Plus online Help via Membership Direct Email (MDE) for any issues or questions
they may have in regards to any posted Plans, Projects or relevant Topics.


We plan to have 4 main areas for Woodworking Projects. 

(1) Hand Tools,
(2) Machinery,
(3) Power Tools and
(4) DIY Woodworking

Projects are designed to cater to;

  • Basic woodworking Skill Levels
    Intermidiate Skill Levels
    Advanced Levels


Topics to be covered over the coming months are:

  • Finishes
  • Hand Tools Techinques
  • Sharpening
  • Veneer Work
  • Marquestry Design
  • Basic Relief Carving for effect
  • Staining
  • Furniture Construction Styles
  • Safe Machine Usage
  • Box Making
  • Joints
  • and much, much more.







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